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Dear Dr. Fowkes,  Will you please send me the PDF of your book, Wipe Out Herpes With BHT? I am very intrigued by what I read on your website. Thank you.  L

Dear L,

Thanks for the honorary doctorate! I do not know whether this reply is a duplicate. If so, please accept my apologies for the unneeded bandwidth. I have recently moved and my computer has had an unfortunate series of hardware and software problems which has necessitated porting all my Outlook files into Thunderbird. As a result, e-mails have been lost, others have been transferred into archive folders, and some have been duplicated. Attached is the BHT Book, as requested. The new nutrition section (how to get similar results without BHT) starts on page 17. Good luck and best wishes! —Steve

For new readers, the BHT Book is the rewritten and updated version of the original 1983 book Wipe Out Herpes with BHT and includes all the information and updates of the BHT Toxicology Report. This is a free book which can be downloaded from www.ceri.com on the home page. Click on the link just below the CERI masthead and just above the main menu. This will load the book into your Adobe Reader. Then “save to disk” to save the book on your computer. You can then read the book offline, send the book to others, and print the book on your printer.

Or you can click here BHTbook-StevenWmFowkes-100903 and do the same steps (this is the first time I have tried this on this system). Write to me at steve@projectwellbeing.com to let me know if it does not work.

As I understand it, hydrogen peroxide is a sufficiently powerful oxidant that it can convert DMSO (demethylsulfoxide) to MSM (dimethylsulfone). This would dismutate the peroxide and convert it to water. You might check out this possibility by adding some reduced iron to the mixture and see if it foams from oxygen-gas evolution, or not. DMSO and MSM have had mixed results for herpes. I think reduced sulfur compounds are much more effective, like cysteine, dithiocarbamates, and glutathione.

This is fully discussed in the metabolic-hypothesis section around page 20, or a little earlier. —Steve

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  1. Please start by reading the book. Go to the Steve page and click on the link for the BHT Book, then “save to disk” to archive the book on your computer. Then you can read it at your leisure. When reading it, jot down questions as they occur to you. If they are not answered, come back here and ask them. Best wishes. —Steve

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