Steve with epicylindrical periodic table
Steve with epicylindrical periodic table

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Internal Links (within this site):

The Thyroid Page PDF file: Thyroid Hormone Testing.pdf.
A one-page explanation of what thyroid tests do not tell you.

The Steroid Tree illustration:  wb-tree2.pdf.
One page showing steroid biosynthesis and metabolic influences

The latest edition of The BHT BookBHTbook-StevenWmFowkes-200302.
Using BHT (or nutrients) to treat chronic viral diseases.
Herpes, shingles, CMV, influenza, EBV, hepatitis C, HIV, SARS, corona, ebola and more.

The latest edition of Natural Anti-Viral Self Defense:
Natural Anti-Viral Self Defense-Steven Wm. Fowkes-211105final-B&W
How to enhance innate immunity and manage redox stresses caused by acute viral infections. This book is being written on (search for swfowkes). It is the final 2021, version 6.

Sequential urine pH chart:  pHChart-ketones
For recording a day’s urine pH readings (and ketones) with daily activities and experiences.

The Alzheimer’s Dimensions page:  Alz-X.pdf.
A one-page graphic for tying together my Alzheimer’s-reversal blogs.

CERI’s Down’s Syndrome Collection: DSCollection.
An 85-page compilation of all of CERI’s information on treating trisomy 21.

External Links (to other sites):

See for information on smart drugs, Alzheimer’s disease, Down’s syndrome, GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate, or Xyrem), sleep, aging, memory, alcohol, the FDA, book reviews, editorials, and more.  Hundreds of pages.

See for additional links to other blogs, nanotech and art.

For access to Steve’s free monthly Self-Care Working Group on Zoom, go to: This requires a Meetup account, but it takes care of reminders and updates. It’s on the third Sunday of each month at noon.

See for the nine-part video series on Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease, which evolved from a series of PowerPoint presentations to the Smart Life Forum, the Rossmoor Wellness Group and the Foundation for Mind-Being Research.  One of the Silicon Valley Health Institute‘s censored Covid-19 talks is also posted there.

If you want to watch “Nutrients for Better Mental Performance” (a presentation to Google employees) or find other videos or writings posted elsewhere, enter my name (in quotes is best) in any search engine (or at the YouTube search window) and select your choices.

See the Reed College Magazine for my epicylindrical periodic table.
And print out the table and instructions for making your own.

To get in touch with me:  telephone 650-321-CERI, or email to

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