Poison Oak remedy

Using pantry items to sooth and heal my poison oak infection. Sigh, what a relief.

more text to come, will explain more another time

 Remedy for poison oak rash:

Oatmeal, Bentonite, Baking Soda, Vitamin C powder, Charcoal powder

and a paint brush








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  1. I’m very high allergic to poison oak. I have two acer lot that is full of poison oak and trying to get rid of em for good. Evey year we put poison to kill the weeds and the poison oak. We fence of one acer but I can’t touch anything over there even when it’s winter time I still break out because the oils still left on the area. My father and I don’t have running water I wear a jump like suite and duck tape on the wrist so I don’t get infected ther are times when I still break out and try to take every precaution not to get infected. We go work out in the land because we have a house we need to build and the land to clear but it’s almost impossiable to me to work out there without breaking out. I need help if you can give me some more pointers to prevent this from happening. Thank you sincerly zeke .

    1. Poison oak symptoms are caused by urushiol oil, an allergen that affects some people severely and others not much at all. Urushiol oil slowly breaks down (polymerizes) in the presence of sunlight and oxygen, but it can last for more than a decade when buried underground. Desensitization with homeopathic poison oak worked well for me. Somebody I know hired a bunch of black and Asian schoolkids to tear out his poison oak by the roots, but each person needs to be tested for their allergic sensitivity before (BEFORE!) going into poison oak and whacking it with shovels, picks and machetes. And once the garden tools are coated with urushiol oil, you might want to avoid using them.

      Urushiol oil soaks into skin oils fairly quickly, so washing with soap is only partially beneficial. But one trick that works for minor exposures and hand-only exposures is immediate washing with lava soap (good) and Fels Naptha soap (the best). The Fells naptha soap dissolved the urushiol oil very well, and the abrasive agents in Fells and Lava soap remove the outer layer of dead skin, which is where most of the absorbed urushiol oil is. If you have two acres of poison oak, you should probably buy a case of bars of Fells Naptha soap. If you immediately strip down and put your clothes through the laundry, then wash your hands (and wrists) with Fels Naptha/Lava, and then finish off with a full-body shower with a full-body scrubbing the Fells Naptha/Lava, you’ll probably do well. —Steve

      PS: One warning: do not burn poison oak leaves, branches or roots. Consider it toxic waste to be hauled away in the garbage or buried under permanent landscaping.

      1. I think this is brilliant. It’s a way to present urishiol oil to your gut without having to go through the pulping process. Just be careful not to touch the goats or leave residues of the poison-oak goat milk on your skin.

    2. There’s one last suggestion. Try eating poison oak so that your gut immune-surveillance cells target it as a non-antigen. 90% of your immune system operates at the gut, and those cells have an entirely different job than the antigen-presentation cells in your skin. Historically, eating spring poison-oak buddings was used by the California natives and the settlers to create seasonal immunity to poison oak. My modification (personally tested) is to grind the early-season leaves with some kind of mineral powder (I used dolomite) to make a featureless mush, which is then carefully inserted into empty gelatin capsules to make sure that no urishiol oil is on the outside of the capsules. These capsules are good for years is they are kept in the dark in a cool place. I took six capsules one of the times I tried it, and no poison oak allergic reaction. Like you, I am very sensitive, but it has waned over the decades so that I can be next to the poison oak without reacting. Warning: one man reported eating it but developing a poison oak rash when it came out the far end of his system. Not a good place to have a rash. So that’s why I recommend pulping the leaves completely.

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