Steve Fowkes

Meat is deadly?

I was not particularly surprised to see the latest fraud-fad, eating meat is dangerous. There were headlines in the newspapers, top-of-the-hour radio reports, and prime-time television stories.

PUFAs in Chia Seeds

I’ve recently started distributing a raw food product in conjunction with my existing nutrition business and was hoping to get your thoughts on the product.  It’s called Mila, and is a proprietary blend of 8 different CHIA seeds, cut, to make the high Omega 3 content more bio-available. I am hearing so many great testimonials …

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pH: The Real Deal

Health professionals and lay people alike are often told that alkaline is better and that more is merrier. Technically, this is not true.

Migraine Headache Treatment

I was curious about your information on cysteine and curing hangovers. Is there any evidence that cysteine can help migraines? Do you have any information at all on treating migraines?

Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease?

A top-ten, Letterman-style, black-humor video script by Steven Fowkes: It looks like I will not have time in any near future to be able to videotape this, so here it is in script form.

Alzheimer’s Reversal Introduction

I’ll be doing two series of posts about reversing Alzheimer’s, one for medical professionals and scientists, and another for lay readers. The first one should be relatively comprehensive, and the second should be simple and straightforward.

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