BHT and Genital Herpes

Dear Mr. Fowkes,  Hi, I’ve been seeing your name and your book come up on the Internet in my search to see how effective using BHT would be in treating my type II genital herpes. I have had it for 4 years and have daily symptoms the whole time, from mild to severe, but every day! It’s been very difficult and painful. I have tried many different alternative treatments including herbal, many types of vitamins, ozone therapy, even digesting hydrogen peroxide, which was the worst, and have sought the help of various health care professionals, but am still at square one.

The ozone helped a bit, but I did it 3-5 times a week for a year and it only made the symptoms milder, but I always still had symptoms and it did not have any long term benefits for my herpes. It did seem to cure me of my chronic yeast infection problem though, which was worth it for that. Drinking the hydrogen peroxide only made the virus more angry and outbreaks worse (rash all up and down my abdomen and back and upper legs, and very itchy) and it never made a difference even though I kept with it for about 3 months. Taking organic extra virgin coconut oil supplements has also helped to some degree, but not to the point of making my symptoms go away completely. I am now taking 8 types of wholefood vitamins from Standard Process, including ones to detox nickel metal from my system, which my NRT (Nutritional Response Testing) doctor says I have in low concentrations in my body. Other than that, he can’t find anything else wrong with me that would be causing my daily symptoms and weekly outbreaks. He does want me to completely get rid of all sugar from my diet, which I am struggling with implementing.

I just ordered two bottles of 250 mg BHT today from off the Internet. I am now willing to try it. I read on that you would email people a free pdf copy of your book. That would be wonderful to receive that. Would you also be ablee to direct me to any good herpes resourses or blogs in general and in particular where people have used BHT for herpes? I would appreciate that. Thank you and happy holidays. —M

PS: I pray my herpes outbreaks stop when I start using BHT!

Dear M,

Your story is so typical. I’ve heard it, in slightly different words, many hundreds of times. It’s too bad that the treatment is so rudimentarily simple and that you did not have access to it until now.

I have taken BHT, and use it regularly as a preservative in my dietary oils, spices and coffee beans. However, I suggest that you consider it from an ideological perspective in addition to the therapeutic perspective. In other words, BHT is a drug and if you have an attitude against drugs, taking BHT may not be your best option. The alternative is to use the nutrients described in the metabolic-hypothesis chapter which act synergistically with BHT, plus hormone replacement therapy is it may be indicated. These options are discussed in the book.

If you do not have any serious objection to BHT as a drug, the combination of BHT and the nutrients is probably the most effective course. However, I will caution that there is a potential pitfall to using high dose BHT and high-dose nutrients to compensate for a hormone deficiency, or estrogen dominance. In other words, it is always best to treat the core problem rather than compensate by treating a parallel system. You do not necessarily know what the core problem is. But a trial-and-error approach can locate it pretty fast if you cannot afford the indicated tests. Vitamin D, selenium, vitamin A (not beta-carotene), vitamin B12, and magnesium seem to be the most common “holes” in the nutrition arena. The most common medical “hole” is hypothyroidism, which is so commonly misdiagnosed by mainstream medicine as to be an unrecognized scandal.

If this works for you, I ask two things, 1) do the appreciation process I describe in the asking-for-money page, and 2) spread the word so other people you know do not have to do it the hard way like you have.  —Steve

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