Glutathione Supplementation

What are your recommendations for a good, but reasonably priced glutathione supplement for my mother who has been diagnosed with vascular dementia

Stage Fright

You briefly mentioned your stage fright was due to something relating to CO2, vasodilation, and the neocortex. Is there any resource you can point me to that solved your problem?

Problems with Yeast

As I’ve been heading down the paleolithic approach for some time. However, your comment on yeast being a very poor supplement choice has been troubling me.

BHT for Herpes

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do to make things better? I tried taking the BHT without food/fat and then started taking it with my morning smoothie that has some fat in it.

BHT and Genital Herpes

I’ve been seeing your name and your book come up on the Internet in my search to see how effective using BHT would be in treating my type II genital herpes.

Herpes and BHT

I plan on buying your book and giving BHT a shot. However I have a two main concerns: Where can I buy it and are these vendors trustworthy? Also, if there’s any insight or advice you have regarding treatment of or cure for herpes I’d love to hear it.

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