Alzheimer’s Reversal Introduction

Alzheimer’s Reversal:

by Steven Wm. Fowkes

I’ll be doing two series of posts about reversing Alzheimer’s here on the Project Wellbeing site, one for medical professionals and scientists, and another for lay readers.  The idea is that the first one be relatively comprehensive, and the second one be simple and straightforward.

The comprehensive version is needed because most of the nutritional, metabolic  and mechanical systems of the body are critical in some way for the metabolic activity of the brain.  So there will undoubtedly be cases of Alzheimer’s disease that require extra sleuthing to reverse.

The simple version is needed because 90% 0f Alzheimer’s disease is probably caused by only a dozen mechanisms.  For this, a recipe approach (step by step) or a trial-and-error approach (process of elimination) is eminently satisfactory.

Pick your approach!

The lay-oriented posts will be in the “Alzheimer’s lay-oriented posts” sub-category.

The medical-oriented posts will be in the “Alzheimer’s medical/scientific” sub-category.

This post will be in both sub-categories.

Is this confusing enough?  Or do I need to try again?   😉  —Steve

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